Astigmatismo Press Kit














Pre-production started in:


Early 2010



Shooting started on:





Shooting finished on:





Film released on:





Produced in:


Madrid - Spain










Stop-motion. Cut out marionettes and paint on glass





No dialogues





Suitable for all audiences



Aspect Ratio:







Shogun Kunitoki





Pierre Sauze



Character design:


Gina Thorstensen



Background design:


Cecilia Ramieri



Directed by:


Nicolai Troshinsky




The author:



Nicolai Troshinsky





nicolai (at)













Lives in:


Madrid - Spain



Born in:


1985 - Moscow - Russia











Press mention for the short film “Jeux Pluriels” in the student short film festival “E-Magiciens”. France.



Prize for experimental animation for “Jeux Pluriels”, Animex international festival, UK.



Second prize for the short film “Samare” in the contest “Court-Circuit OFF” organized by Arte TV. France.





-2009 “Jeux Pluriels”

( La Poudrière )


-2009 “Rendez-Vous au Cratère X-24”

( La Poudrière )


-2008 “Samare”

( La Poudrière )




Other selected projects:




Loop Raccord


Un Mensaje en Clave




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Length: 00:04:00

Suitable for all audiences

Animation (stop-motion)

Year of production: 2013




Written, directed, animated and produced by: Nicolai Troshinsky

Music: Shogun Kunitoki

Sound: Pierre Sauze

Character design: Gina Thorstensen

Background design: Cecilia Ramieri







Experimental animation Award – Animatou

Best Visuals – Animated Dreams

Best Debut Film - Primanima

Best technique – Animage

Most innovative animation – Giraf

Special Prize – Hiroshima Animation Festival

Special jury prize – Krok Animation Festival

Special jury prize – Malaga Spanish Film Festival

Special mention – Zagreb Animafest

Special mention - Cinanima

Special mention – Fantoche

Special mention – Interfilm Berlin

Special mention – Balkanima

Special mention – Bradford Animation Festival

Special mention – Supertoon

Special mention - Animasivo





Festival Selections




Annecy, Fest Anca, Encounters, London International Animation Festival, Guanajuato International Film Festival, Chilemonos, Linoleum, Anibar, Animation Bloc Party, DOK Leipzig, Fantoche, Milano Film Festival, Message to Man, AnimEst, Animanima, Belo Horizonte, Animatou, SoDak Animation, La Guarimba, Uppsala International Film Festival, CutOut Fest, Cinanima, Bradford Animation Festival, Animage, Filma Oviedo, Sitges, Balkanima, Bankaluka Anima, Giraf, Primanima, L´Alternativa, Alcine, Tindirindis, Fida, Interfilm Berlin, Golden Orchid, Sommets du Cinema d'Animation, Animateka, 3D Wire, Etiuda & Anima, Anilogue, ReAnimania,




Sundance Film Festival, Anima, Ciné-court animé, Rotterdam Film Festival, Monstra, Animex, Animated Exeter, Offscreen, Creatrivas, Flatpack Film Festival, International Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart, Dallas International Film Festival, Filmfest Dresden, Festival de Cine de Málaga, Nashville Film Festival, Future Film Festival, Animafest Zagreb, Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Athens Animfest,  Toronto Animation Arts Festival International, L´Inconnu Festival, Animayo, Northwest Animation Festival, Leiden International Short Film Experience, Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba Int’l Film Festival, Rooftop Films, Seattle International Film Festival, Bang Awards, LA Film Fest, Southside Film Festival, CinemaJove, Hiroshima International Animation Festival, New Horizons International Film Festival, Animasivo, Supertoon, Concorto, Krok, Chicago International Film Festival, Tallgrass film festival, Philadelphia Film Festival, Animated Dreams






A boy, having lost his glasses, can only see one thing in focus at a time. His sight gets attracted by the sounds that surround him. He will have to explore a blurry world of unknown places and strange characters.




About the film


“Astigmatismo” is a short-film about the feeling of being lost. This feeling is created thanks to an extreme blur effect, leaving only a very tiny space in focus. The focus shifts and moves rhythmically, synchronized with the sounds and the music, revealing a constantly changing landscape.


It is a rhythmic film that plays on an optical effect by disorienting, surprising and hypnotizing the viewer to take him on a brief but intense journey. The film is deliberately fast and baroque to make it worth watching several times, allowing the viewer to discover new things in every session.




The production


The film was created following a rather unconventional creative process. To achieve the feeling of being lost, Troshinsky decided that every member of the crew, including himself, had to let this feeling drive the creation of the film. The character designs, background designs, music and even the sound, were created before there was even a script. Nobody knew what there will be happening in the film, and nobody, except for the director, knew who were the other members in the team nor how their work would coexist with the works of the others. Creating a track of sound effects with no visual reference was probably the most unusual part. Nicolai Trohsinsky had to assemble all these separated pieces into a film, creating each scene by free association between the sounds, the characters, the backgrounds and the music.


The team is composed by Norwegian illustrator Gina Thorstensen, who took care of the character designs, Italian artist Cecilia Ramieri who made a set of etchings to be used as background designs, Finnish psychedelic synth band Shogun Kunitoki composed the original music and French sound designer Pierre Sauze created the sound effects.


The film was shot in a 5-double-level multiplane using a mix of cut out marionettes and paint on glass, photographed using a special lens to achieve an extreme effect of blur. Being a film that, at its core, relies in an optical effect, using real optics instead of computer effects was necessary to make it look as beautiful and authentic as possible.


While the film is animated using old-school animation techniques it does take advantage from the recent advancements in camera technology, making it possible to control the lens by computer allowing to adjust the focus with extreme precision in order to create unique visual effects that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.




An independent short-film


Astigmatismo is an independent production, made on a budget of 9000 Euros from Troshinsky's own pocket as the only alternative to the lack of support for animation short-films in Spain. Half of the budget was recouped by selling pre-orders of the film through his own website, he is now selling both digital and physical copies of the film with the hopes to get back the other half.


Nicolai Troshinsky believes that the internet is the perfect platform for showing and distributing short-films. Traditionally reserved to the niche festival audience or the occasional late night tv broadcasting, short-form fiction finally has a medium where it can thrive and reach a wide audience. Though Troshinsky did his best to match cinema quality standards and the film is already selected for the Annecy animation festival and submitted to many others, he refuses to submit it to festivals that demand the film to be taken offline.


The film will always be available for free on Vimeo, Dailymotion and YouTube but for those willing to support the creation of independent animation, Astigmatismo can be bought as an HD downloadable file or as a limited physical edition with some extra material offering a more detailed insight into the creative process behind the film.


The film:

Link to the film on Youtube

Link to the film on Dailymotion

The Making Of:

Link to the Making Of on Vimeo

Link to the Making Of on Dailymotion


Download a .zip file with all the images in high resolution.




Born in Moscow in 1985, Nicolai Troshinsky studied illustration in Madrid and later in Italy. In 2009 he graduates as animation filmmaker in the french school “La Poudrière”. His short-film “Jeux Pluriels” is selected in the Clérmont-Ferrand international short-film festival and was shown in the "Jeux D'Artistes" exhibition in Annecy. Since 2006 he has been working as a freelance children's books illustrator mainly for Spanish publishers. In 2010 he wins the CJ Picture Book Award in South Korea. From 2009 to 2011 he teaches sporadically storytelling and cinematographic language in the “Ars Animación” school in Madrid. In 2010 he begins developing experimental videogames. “Loop Raccord”, an experimental video-editing game, was selected in several international videogame festivals and exhibitions.


Download a .zip file with all the photos in high resolution.

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